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The Minimal Houses: Turnkey housing construction

From USD 70,000
Geographic locationArgentina / Tierra del Fuego / Ushuaia
Metros cubiertos 53 M² covered Square meter 53 M² totals Dorms 1 Dorms Toilets 1 Toilets

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The Minimal Houses: Turnkey home construction! Bring your lot and choose the custom house model, in 3 different sizes. All models are distributed on the ground floor, with the following amenities: * Small House: 1 room - integrated kitchen-dining room - complete bathroom + semi-covered - Total area 53m2 Usd 70,000.- ** Medium House: 2 rooms - integrated kitchen-dining room - full bathroom + semi-covered. Total area 71m2 USD 88,000.- *** Large House: 3 bedrooms - integrated dining kitchen - full bathroom + semi-covered. Total area 95m2 USD 109,032.- You can choose the turnkey housing model to build on a lot of your property at an incredible price and with the possibility of financing during the Work or vehicle delivery as part of payment. Estimated construction time: 12 months from Municipal and Entity approvals. The price includes: - [ ] The turnkey home of choice, according to the specifications and quality detailed in the Work report - [ ] Work period: 12 months from municipal approval - [ ] Does not include soil movement, and if the slope of the lot exceeds 15%, the buyer pays the stall foundations (to be verified in each case) - [ ] Form of payment: 50% advance to the purchase contract and balance to be paid during the term of the Work - [ ] With the signature of the Purchase Agreement, the plans, entrustment note and forms of corresponding Entities are signed. - [ ] At the time of Possession the house must be 100% paid - [ ] Includes: end of work, construction rights, calculation of structure and all plans of the property: Architecture and Entities

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